Connection: 3 Dimensions to a Full Life

April 24, 2019

Connection is fundamental to us as spiritual beings. When we are connected, we operate at our full capacity, and love and generosity permeates in everything we do. 

When it’s missing from someone’s life, it’s painfully evident.

Connection is one of the five beliefs of Good Tree Institute, and a value that the foundation was created around. The desire to connect, a fundamental human need, is what drives people to Good Tree to replenish what’s missing.

To live fully, you have the possibility of living a three-dimensional life. Living in one dimension, the self, is your default dimension to stay in. It’s the other two dimensions -- connection to people and connection to the Divine -- is what enriches, enlivens and beautifies your world.
Connecting to People- We often look at the many people around us, and mistake their presence in our life as true connections. These interactions can be very technical and superficial. You find yourself feeling alone, despite having others around you at all times. When true connection to people is present, relationships are vibrant, fulfilling and colorful. It’s the equivalent of looking at a beautiful painting of an ocean versus standing with your feet in the sand and the waves gently gliding over your toes.

Connecting to God- We are all born with a natural (inherent) connection to the Divine. Yet many barriers get in the way as we progress in life. The connecting to God dimension is all about revealing that inherent relationship, and opening yourself up to the endless opportunities presented to you. You find ease that is similar to coming home after you’ve been away.

We look at these dimensions as dynamic. They are interdependent.

A connection to God leads to the connection to people and the love and connection to people leads to the love and connection to God. If your intentions are genuine, one dimension will always lead to the other.

This is a core conversation which colors and shapes many Good Tree discussions given that it is derived directly from the Quran. Discovering connection with its dimensions through the Quran is an amazing journey to embark on.

Those who are feeling as if something is missing, or know they have yet to experience being at home, are likely missing one of these above dimensions.

If not missing, perhaps they are not freely flowing. However, when everything is flowing, you feel balanced. When all three dimensions are fulfilled, you are at peace and ease. Most importantly, you find the place that feels like home.

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