What others are saying about Good Tree...

March 06, 2019

What others say about Good Tree:


  • “Good Tree paves a way to Allah through His words with a perception never before seen.”


  • "I am so grateful for the good tree Institute. Their approach is a simply brilliant combination of deep love, rigor, learning, and introspection, that has taught me to encounter the Qur'an as an unfolding universe, reflecting its light as a beacon. The experience of collaboration and communion at the retreat was an unforgettable inspiration in itself, as endless dimensions of each word unfold across different perspectives, in conversation. As a newcomer to Islam, I will always carry what I have learned with good tree in my heart – it has been foundational. The retreat inspired me to learn to recite a new Surah and to begin the long process of learning to read Arabic. I am so grateful for the cause to reflect and find guidance, surrounded by the generous, supportive, and loving good tree family. Insha'Allah I would love to continue the cycles and contribute to sharing this gift for a long time to come." - Molly - Chicago


  • “It is an active discussion and workshop to help you understand and connect to Allah (swt).”


  • "The "Quran and Me" course is a refreshing departure from many Quranic study classes that focus mainly on dogma and conventional academic interpretations of the Quran. This class focuses more on a hermeneutical breakdown of the scripture to its Arabic root words. Each is root is then defined by the class with the help of the amazing faculty. The Arabic roots then form a basis for an extraordinary and lively analysis of a Surah’s meaning. Class discussion is not only encouraged but forms the cornerstone of the class experience. If you yearn to make the verses of the Quran more relevant to your personal life and help clarify the complex times in which we live, then this is a class that you cannot afford to miss."  Dr. Shah


  • “Good Tree is an organization that provides multiple programs to any individual looking for the love and knowledge of the Quran and Islam.”


  • "I am so grateful for Good Tree Camp Z! This is something that I look forward to attending and they have had a major impact on me and the other students. These camps hold a lot of importance in my life. They are important because they provide a safe space to learn about our religion, they help boost and strengthen our iman, they teach us how to navigate being a Muslim teenager in this society, they help strengthen our bonds with our fellow Muslims, and they cover serious topics in a balanced way while making it fun. While we are at camp, we learn how to balance ourselves and anchor ourselves in Islam. During camp, we feel a weight lifted off of our shoulders as we are able to sit back and focus on our Islam and recharge ourselves, all of us students feel the spiritual energy at camp. We are surrounded by nature, the beauty of Allah’s creation and we are able to clear our minds and focus on Allah.  issues.  Hassan C. - Phoenix  -Age 16   

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