We believe truth is awakened not given. Since the beginning of Good Tree Institute, we understood the importance of discovery.

It is human nature to embrace a belief or ideology (the essence) and to follow the structure around that belief (the form). This can manifest as a belief system, a religion or a way of life. When the essence is alive, the form serves the essence. However, if we’re not careful, we can overvalue the form and the habits we’ve developed become binding, mundane and lose its life.

The real value of bringing the belief system to life, and awakening the truth, is continuously discovering how the Divine words interact with you, in that moment. You will then freely connect to the original words that rekindle your soul.

For years before Good Tree was formed, a small group of dedicated and focused individuals met regularly in the hours between work, family obligations and worship time. Reflection and inquiry became the core of their discussions, and each one personally discovered and deepened their relationship to the Divine.

As this group grew and expanded, it became evident that this discovery process should be universally available to anyone and everyone. With solid roots and truth at its core, Good Tree was officially established as a non-profit 501(c3) in 2010. At the core of Good Tree is a teacher, Dr. Nadia Katrangi, with a gift of bringing to life the words of the Quran, making them relevant for this moment in time and initiating meaningful discussion. Her approach is progressive in thinking, yet grounded in the faith’s traditions. What her students love is that she creates an environment where any question is welcome.

 Good Tree is a community that fosters connection and personal discovery through the Quran. We are committed to providing universal access to the truth that is deeply rooted in tradition yet culturally relevant. We provide foundational classes, group discussions, spiritual retreats, teen camps and workshops. All who come into the community are invited to (re)discover who they are and what they believe. Based in Arizona, Good Tree has a vision to serve whoever is drawn to awakening the truth within them, wherever in the world they may be.

Today, Good Tree is the equivalent of a redwood tree, one of the tallest tree species on the planet. From the tiny seed planted by the original founders, it now boasts a thick sturdy trunk, strong branches that are home to many, and lush leaves and flowers that are awe-inspiring. As more people are drawn into the foundation’s community, and the Quranic values that Good Tree highlights are embraced as a way to solidify their beliefs, Good Tree will only continue to grow toward the sky and deepen its roots in the soil for generations to come.

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